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July 2023 Box Reveal

Is it just me or are the months flying past even faster than usual?! Is it an age thing? It used to feel like the days, weeks and months dragged by but the older I get the faster life seems to be flying past. I sometimes wishes I had a pause button so I could just stand still for a moment (I really mean nap, I would nap). In a world that feels so hectic and is about to get even more so (sending thoughts and prayers to those of you about to embark on the 6 weeks of summer holidays), it feels lovely to be able to send you a box of thoughtful gifts to encourage you to take some time out to relax. This was one of the easiest ReBox I have ever put together – the biggest difficulty being trying to choose just 5 things to go inside it!

Desperate to be freed from its storage pouch, first up we have this beautiful rainbow stripe beach bag from cult brand Dock & Bay. If you’ve been with me for a while, then you will probably still be coveting your Dock & Bay beach towel that I included last summer. This bag will become your summer hero. It holds up to 100X its own weight and is roomy enough to hold everything you could possibly need on your summer day trips. Should you be lucky enough to be heading to the beach, sand brushes straight off and if you’re a lover of the ocean as I am, you’ll be pleased to hear it is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. It folds down to a teeny, tiny size so is great to include in your suitcase too.

If you are heading to the beach (or park or even just your back garden), chuck your favourite book in the bag and be sure to keep track of your page with the fun bookmark from The Happy Company who take pride in ‘sprinkling a little happiness’ wherever they go. Also, does anyone else just seem to get constantly interrupted when they attempt to relax with a book? I’m sure I read each sentence at least three times!

There is nothing more refreshing than this bamboo water drink from Juno. It is the first drink to harness the health benefits of ethical bamboo and is packed with healthy antioxidants and minerals. Bamboo has been used for centuries as an herbal remedy to heal the body and calm the mind. It is known to naturally boost immunity, detoxify the body, and boost collagen production. Lightly sparkling, it reminds me of Japanese iced tea, with a delicious splash of juicy mango.

During the summer months I steer clear of sending out chocolate in your monthly box as I’m terrified it will melt and cover everything. So instead, I have sourced these delicious salt & pepper fava crisps. These roasted fava crisps are perfectly seasoned with a pinch of sea salt & black pepper to create a moreish plant-based, healthy & sustainable snack. These delicious, wholesome bites are packed full of natural protein & fibre & a healthier alternative to crisps. Packed in infinitely recyclable & reusable tins, these plant-based snacks will perfectly accompany your bamboo water (or glass of chilled white wine…).

And finally, last but certainly not least, there may well be a time or two during the next month where you feel you’d quite like to lay down in a dark room. I’m hoping you get the chance if you need it and have popped in this lavender eye pillow to help block out the summer light and soothe tired, worn-out eyes. Pop it in the fridge for a cooling sensation (or heat it up for warmth in the cooler months).

Love the sound of this box? Get yourself on the list for next month’s {re}box for half price when you sign up today – I’d love you to join our gang!

Lots of love

Andrea x

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The Story So Far…

I remember the specific moment I appreciated I had completely and utterly burnt out. It had crept up on me so gradually, until one morning I realised I physically didn’t have the willpower to get myself out of bed. Unfortunately, as a single Mum to two girls who were in Primary school at the time, curling up in the foetal position and not moving wasn’t an option. So somehow, in zombie mode, I chucked jeans over my pjs, packed lunchboxes and walked them to school. I remember crawling up the stairs, peeling my jeans off and staying in bed, curled up in a ball until it was time to collect them. Pretty sure it would have been a freezer dinner day that day.

The burn out was thanks to lots of factors – I was working part time in an admin role, desperate to create something that would support us all better financially and create some sort of legacy for my girls. So, I spent all my spare time, money and energy creating and launching the most amazing online sustainable gifting marketplace. I was so proud. It was so beautiful. I launched it, celebrated lots and then two weeks later, covid hit and lockdown was announced. Fast forward to suddenly working form home, homeschooling two girls on my own and also trying to navigate the new business I had just launched very much into unchartered waters.

I worked 20-hour days, surviving on wine and adrenaline. I couldn’t afford to outsource anything at this stage of my businesses so had to recruit businesses to join us, deal with all the onboarding admin, technical stresses, marketing, research, advertising, and social media. Not forgetting my actual day-to-day job and homeschooling. The kids (quite happily) played an awful lot of Roblox (if you know you know).

Progress was slow. I had some amazing wins – appearing on the BBC’s Countryfile, recruiting nearly 300 small businesses to sell through us and eventually hiring a small team to help me out. Every step forward felt like walking through wet cement in lead boots, but I pushed on.

It wasn’t all doom and gloom, the girls and I had so much fun during lockdown. Long walks in the fields behind our cottage to rope swings, karaoke evenings, movie nights, sleepovers in the garden, so much baking. But the juggle was insane. I was a shadow of my former self, losing weight, permanent black bags under my eyes and a bit too much of a reliance on my chosen medicine, Sauvignon.

When all the lockdowns were finally lifted and “normality” resumed, the burn out properly hit. I didn’t have to hold everything up anymore, so I crumbled.

I hadn’t spent anytime looking after myself. I realised I hadn’t managed a full night’s sleep in a year. It was like looking after 5 newborn babies at the same time whilst blindfolded and drunk.

My marketplace had got to the point where it required significant investment to push it forward and make it a financial success. I finally recognised I simply couldn’t keep it up anymore.

I spent a week taking the kids to school and then crawling back into bed before realising it was time to call it a day and put myself first and close the business. As soon as I had made the decision, a huge weight was lifted. I slept for 15 hours straight and emerged; blinking filled with relief.

I knew within weeks that my entrepreneurial journey was far from over. I missed the high from seeing an order ping through but knew I had to find a business that wouldn’t take over my life in the same way. I did lots of brainstorming, trying to decide what was next. It didn’t take me long to settle on the idea of encouraging other women to take time out for themselves too. I wanted to help others avoid ending up the situation I had. Eventually {re}box was born. It took next to no time to come together in my head, and I knew I would love every second of working on it.

Creating content for our socials, managing website admin, setting the box themes, and shopping for products for the boxes feels like the most natural thing in the whole world. I love knowing that every month my subscribers are unboxing a gorgeous present for themselves. I love picking exactly the right products to go into {re}box each month to act as prompts to encourage you to take time for yourself. I love reenforcing the narrative that self-care isn’t selfish and is in fact, a necessary step in being the best version of yourself each day. I’m a better mum on the days when I’ve taken time to myself. I have more patience, more time, and more energy.

I hope you all love receiving your boxes as much as I love creating them for you. A lot of careful thought, time and love has gone into every single product choice. Come and join us and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

Has this post resonated with you? Drop me an email to let me know. Better still, come follow me on Instagram for a chat or even better, join the {re}box gang today.

Take care of yourself.




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What is Grounding?

You’ve probably heard the term thrown around, but was does the practice of grounding actually mean and what are the benefits?

Grounding, also sometimes referred to as Earthing, is the act of connecting your body with the ground most commonly by walking barefoot or lying on the ground. It relies on earth science and grounding physics to explain how electrical charges from the earth can have a positive effect on the body.

Grounding is currently an under-researched area of science. However, the main theory from one study is that grounding affects the living matrix which is the central connector between living cells. Electrical conductivity exists within this matrix that is believed to function as an immune system defence. The belief is that through regular grounding, the natural defences of the body can be restored.

More research is needed into the benefits of grounding however it has been reported to improve conditions such as chronic fatigue, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders and cardiovascular disease. Although all these claims need to be researched much more deeply, there is no harm in trying.

Ways to try out grounding

Walking barefoot – kick off your shoes and socks and head outside. Remember running through the grass barefoot as a kid? Get that feeling back. Sand, grass, mud – all do the job.

Lying on the ground – when was the last time you lay on the ground and looked up at the clouds? Kick back and spend some time lying in the grass and reconnecting with nature (and your childhood self)

Grounding mats – don’t worry if you can’t get outside (hello English weather). You can try out a grounding mat like this one.

Let me know if you try out any of these grounding techniques or if you have other ways you like to connect with the Earth.

Love Andrea xx