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June 2023 ReBox Revel

This week my daughter is turning 14! I have been busy getting everything prepped, decorating, baking etc and was feeling utterly exhausted by the end of yesterday. I took my own advice for once and headed out for a walk with Bella (the whippet) in the cool evening and felt much better after half an hour away from the madhouse! I hope the contents of this month’s {re}box centred around creating your very own at home {re}treat will bring you some peace and respite from whatever your busy lives hold.

So first up on our list this month is this cute face mask jar from Wild Venus. Believe it or not, this little jar contains enough product to make three face masks with! All you need to prepare a clay mask is a teeny drop of water, a small bowl and the mask brush provided in your box to make it into a paste.  Yellow clay is a good alternative to green clay, they’re very similar but yellow clay is slightly milder. Make sure you use a good moisturiser afterwards as clay can be a little drying for some skin. Of course, if you are using a face mask, you absolutely need a super soft spa headband. These bands are so gentle on your skin and perfect for using during a face mask, cleansing routine or whilst you’re applying your makeup.

When I picked out these beautifully fragranced bath bombs, the weather was a little cooler to say the least. However, I stand by my choice as these bombs are the perfect addition to a cooler bath when you need to feel refreshed and relived from this humidity! Plus, if you really can’t stand the idea of a bath, they make great shower fizzers. Pop one in the corner of your shower and enjoy the most aromatic shower of your life!

If you are choosing to enjoy a bath (whilst your face mask is doing its job), you can light this travel candle from Keynvor. When I opened the delivery, I was transported to childhood holidays cycling through forests in France, it has a really earthly, leafy smell. I keep returning to it for a sniff and a whiff of nostalgia.

And last (but by no means least) I hope you enjoy this little bar of chocolate heaven from Delicieux Chocolate. I have chosen their ruby blend for you (not just because it is pink) because it is an incredible taste experience that offers a punchy fruity flavour and a pleasant sourness. And also, does not contain any added colourants or fruit flavourings.

That’s all from me! If you loved the sound of an at home {re}treat like this, then why not join us today – you can get your first box half price. It’s time to start making more time to look after yourself.


Andrea xxx