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May 2023 ReBox Revel

Did you ever get a proper look inside our May {re}frame box? I’d love to share some pics with you and talk you through what I chose to include and why…

The theme for this May’s box was one that is close to my heart. As a single mum to two girls, I am rushed off my feet, buried under mountains of laundry, logistically challenged, head chef, complaints department and juggler extraordinaire on a daily basis.

After going through the most epic (not in a good way!) burn out after lockdown, I knew I needed to reframe the way I looked at my day-to-day life and start sorting myself out!

The most powerful tool I’ve found to help me with this is my cognitive load list. Every morning I take a few minutes to jot down all the tasks (I included this pretty bee notebook for subscribers to use) that I need to complete that are swirling around in my mind creating this very real feeling weight in my head. Next, I highlight them (enter this gorgeous pack of pastel highlighters) depending on which tasks I can delegate and when they need to be completed by. I’ve written an entire blog post just on this topic which will be on my shiny new website when it launches soon.

The next beautiful smelling product in the May {re}box was this solid shower gel bar! I have completely fallen in love with this shower bar and am so pleased I ordered a few too many as I am absolutely keeping them for myself (sorry not sorry). All the different scents available smell divine – let me know which one you ended up with. The practically zero waste packaging is perfection too! No more liquid shower gel in plastic bottles for me – this has totally {re}framed the way I look at shower gel!

I included this gorgeous vase because in the words of Miley, I want you to go out and buy yourself some flower to pop in it. Don’t wait around for someone else to get you some. It’s time to treat yourself – go out and get a little bouquet to pop in the vase and choose to make yourself happy 😊

I am not usually a fan of fizzy drinks (apart from soda or sparkling water) so this tasty, refreshing drink from Posh Pop caught me pleasantly by surprise and has definitely changed the way I look at fizzy drinks! Gently carbonated with no artificial colours or flavourings, these drinks are like summer in a bottle! If you loved this one, you would love the rest of their range which you can check out here.

Last but my no means least I popped in a bag of prosecco gummies in your box this month. I am a sucker for a bag of Haribo, but I wanted to find something a little more ‘grown up’. Enter these delicious gummies from Ask Mummy & Daddy. I’ve tasted a whole bag just to make sure but can confirm they remind me of pint pots – remember them?! Definitely a fresh look at sweets and far too adult to be shared with the kids 😉

Love the sound of receiving a whole box of goodies like this every month? You can get your first box for just £15 when you sign up.

Come join us and start making more time for yourself. You deserve it!