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March 2023 ReBox Revel

I planned this month’s theme of {re}energising goodies to coincide with Spring arriving and us all feeling ready to emerge from our hibernation and shed our winter layers to feel the sun on our skin. However, that really hasn’t happened, has it?! As I write this, I am sat in massive slippers, a chunky roll neck jumper, fleece lined trousers and my dressing gown on top for good measure. I’m also sending this email out a little later than usual as a few people have got in touch to say they are unable to resist reading further, and it ruins the surprise! Which camp are you in? Prefer this email before your box arrives or after? Let me know!

The first product I chose for this month’s box is this gorgeous little book from Zu at A Dose of Reminders. 100 things to do on tough days is packed full of things to help lift you up and re-energise you when you are feeling a bit ‘blah’. She also does loads of gorgeous prints and cards – go check her Insta out here.

Drinking more water is a great way of increasing your energy levels, but for some of us, we don’t always find it easy to get the recommended 6-8 glasses in. Enter Vidrate these sachets are packed full of flavour and designed to help you drink more water. They also have added vitamins and electrolytes which make them great if you’ve had one too many glasses of wine the night before…

Next up I picked this Natural Spa Company Lemon Scrub to give you a full body pick-me-up in your morning shower. Rub this gorgeous scrub all over you to get your blood pumping and invigorate your senses for a morning boost.

I also picked up these Rosemary Clementine & Peppermint Sours mini soaps from the Natural Spa Company because after trialling them, the scent shook me to my senses every time I used them, and I knew you’d love them too!

It was a tough job choosing the treat for this month’s box – I wanted something delicious but also (semi) healthy to give us all a boost of energy; enter Grab Energy Flapjacks. These flapjacks have become a go-to mid afternoon snack for me and I strongly advise enjoying yours with a cuppa.

Finally, I always find scent is such a powerful way of changing my mood, which is why I chose to include these zingy Lemon, Eucalyptus & Basil Energy Blend wax melts from Ethereal scents (remember the delicious shower steamers from them I have previously included?). The lady who creates these melts, Natalie, always gets her scent blends bang on and these are no exception.

Off topic but who caught matcha energy brand Perfect Ted on Dragons Den a couple of weeks ago? Long time subscribers will remember sampling their matcha drinks in their box last summer – word is that after their Dragons Den appearance, they sold out in a matter of minutes and are busily trying to restock. Well, we don’t need to buy into the panic hype – thanks to your {re}box, you tried it months ago and were already a fan! I wonder which of the small businesses we’ve featured is next for stardom?

Don’t want to miss out on amazing self-care prompts like these? You don’t have to – get yourself on the list for next month’s box now.


Andrea x