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January 2023 ReBox Revel

Happy New Year you gorgeous lot!

I’m so pleased to be popping into your inbox to send you my thought process behind all the beautiful products in your January box! January is such a funny month – nature urges us to hibernate, to rest, to bulk up and to sleep lots. But society steps in telling us we should be making resolutions, smashing new goals and kick-starting a new fitness regime… This year I’m choosing to listen to nature and putting aside my resolutions until the Spring – a natural period of transformation, change and growth. How do you feel about January resolutions? Are you sticking to yours or taking a gentler approach? I’d love to know!

The first product I’ve chosen is this bright, fun teapot for one set from Sass and Belle. Perfect to serve you up a cup of positivitea (see what they did there?), this set is sure to bring a smile to your face every time you use it. I simply couldn’t include a teapot without giving you something to pop inside it – I chose these teabags from Tea+ as they are designed to help reduce some of the January tiredness and fatigue you might be feeling. This tea is scientifically proven to boost mood and reduce fatigue, whilst supporting the mind and body. A complex of B vitamins works to keep you energised throughout the day. Energy levels can be increased and maintained through sustained TEA+ Energy routine. No other hot drink contains the same level of vitamins. I’ve included a two-week supply for you to try out.

I may or may not have snaffled a handful of these Mr Popple chocolate bars for my own consumption… let’s call it a perk of the job! They are hidden well away from my children – I shall be enjoying one with my mid-morning cup of coffee for the next few days and shall be very sad when they’re all gone! Mr Popple’s are a small independent, ethical chocolate making company based in the UK. Their chocolate is free from refined sugars making it not only kind to the planet but kind to you too. Enjoy!

I’ve decided to include a bright, colourful goal setting ‘Don’t Quit’ journal to help you stick to your intentional goals. Start small – for example, ‘drink more water’ and soon enough this goal will become habit. Use it to keep track of small, more achievable goals rather than setting a huge new year’s resolution. Alongside this I’ve popped in a mini to-do list – I’ll be talking all about the importance of lightening your mental load by making a comprehensive to-do list over on the blog and on socials later this month – do pop over and check it out.

Sticking with the idea of banishing those often-unachievable resolutions – rather than making a resolution why not set a goal or intention, a wish if you like as you tie on this bracelet. Legend says when the bracelet string snaps, your intention will come true – I’m looking forward to hearing if these work for you! But regardless of that, they are rather cute!

February’s box will be focusing on rest and will include some gorgeous products to encourage you to make sure you are fully recharged and rested in time for Spring! 

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I look forward to welcoming you to the {re}box club!


Andrea x