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Do you feel guilt?

Ugh – guilt! That horrible feeling that likes to pop up when you are doing something for yourself! Does anyone else feel it? Or is it just me?! The moment I put my hand in my pocket to buy something just for me, I get a huge pang of guilt! Shouldn’t I be spending that money elsewhere? There’s always something in the house that could do with fixing or replacing and don’t get me started on the constant bills for dance lessons and requests from my nearly-teenage daughter to fund her growing shopping habit!

But then I check myself. I work incredibly hard for my money, working 3 separate jobs to make sure my girls never go without, so if I want to spend some of my hard earned cash on myself then I bloody well will! I remind myself how important it is to spend time and money (where necessary) to look after myself and my physical and mental well-being. After all, if I’m not feeling 100% I certainly can’t give 100% to my kids and boyfriend. 

It is for this reason that I created ReBox. I want you to prioritse putting yourself first and looking after your own physical and mental well-being. I want to send you a box every month packed full of products to encourage you to take time for yourself. Whether that’s a long walk or a long bath, a moment of mindfulness or enjoying a delicious treat. ReBox is here to remind you, you’re important.

When you join ReBox, every month you’ll receive:

✨ Specially selected luxury self-care products

✨ Your box will include 5+ luxury items such as bath products, skincare, yummy treats, delicious drinks, stationery, home fragrance and lifestyle products.

✨ Exclusive offers from our partners and discounts on future products you’ve seen in our boxes

✨ Monthly tips on how to make sure you carve out time for yourself in your busy schedule

Get your first box for just £15 when you click here.

Have some questions? I’d love to hear from you! Email me


Andrea x


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