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Investing in Yourself

Every one of us has a unique story, and faced a unique set of circumstances and changes. In the new normal it’s normal to feel not normal! The shared feeling of chaos has perhaps been the most relatable part of the pandemic. 

But, as always, with every storm comes the new day- after the clouds have lifted. And it has become apparent that moving into the future two feet first is the best defense against a world seemingly on the offense. Whatever it means to you to take the reigns on your life, it starts with self- care and showing up for yourself every day. 

Invest in yourself and watch the results bloom in every part of your life. It is never too late or too soon. Your body and mind are like a machine. Treat them right and you can expect them to take you forwards- out of the old, and into the new. 

We are here to lend a helping hand; to be your assistant on your journey of self- love. Reaching goals or even just getting back into the swing of things doesn’t happen all at once. The key is being in it for the long run and setting yourself up for success. We provide you with an armory of hand-picked pampering pick-me-ups delivered straight to your door. Sign up to receive a care package full of luxurious products to remind you of the impact of self-empowerment and investing time for just you. You’ll never get the same package twice. A different tailored experience arrives on your doorstep every month. Expect seasonal themes and a giddy variety of goodies. 

Think of it as putting bumpers on the edges of the race-track of life. You will crash and pick yourself up again. Those bumpers will be felt. Expecting yourself to be perfect and handle every hit flawlessly is a pressure achingly relatable for women-kind. Let’s re-frame the female experience. We are not perfect. We are works in progress and we are worthy of love, care, and attention. Always. It starts with you. 

Do you know someone who deserves a self-care boost? Sign them up for the gift that keeps on giving every single month.

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Stress We Can

Stress wreaks havoc on your body, much like a poison. Frankly, it’s time for a detox. 

Taking on more than you can cope with- either practically or emotionally, is not a healthy nor impressive feat. Learning to regulate, taking ‘me time’ to recharge, and saying no and setting boundaries, are all green flags of a person bettering themselves from the inside out. You are valuable. In fact, you are the most valuable asset you will ever own. 

The negative effects of stress should not be underestimated. Stress, even mild, attacks your immune system and makes you much more prone to disease and studies show- even disability. Stress physically damages your heart muscles. Over a long period of time, this leads to an increased risk of heart attacks as well as high blood pressure. Stress has also been linked to cancer, lung disease, fatal accidents, suicide, and cirrhosis of the liver. 

So, what can be done? The first step is a reshuffling of priorities. Ask yourself point- blank, are you at the top of your own life priorities? If the answer is no, ask yourself why. Many mothers put their children first. But just like in the event of a plane crash, applying the oxygen mask first to yourself is the only way to then be able to apply it to those you’d like to help. You need to first do right by yourself, or watch seeds of resentment and stress grow. By rooting your feet and standing your ground, you will actually become a more powerful force of generosity for your loved ones.

Getting outside- even if you don’t feel like it- is an easy way to nudge yourself towards a more peaceful head space. Nature heals- it’s true! From a medical point of view, going for regular walks directly combats the effects of stress because it improves not only joint and muscle function- but cardiovascular function as well. Take a friend with you and share some support whilst lowering your blood pressure at the same time. 

Surrounding yourself with a supportive and accepting social circle is important too. Science tells us choosing the right friends drastically impacts our levels of anxiety and depression. Those who judge us, and shut down our true passions, are a conduit for stress, and therefore poor health.

Don’t forget that joy in life comes from the small thing. Spoiler alert- they’re not actually small at all. Seek out the delightful details in your days that made you fall in love with living once upon a memory. Follow hobbies, give and receive hugs, and undercut that inner critic by practicing positive affirmations. Self- love is hard work sometimes, but don’t worry, when you’re in alignment with what you really want, rewards come in abundance. Which brings me to the next point; 

Treat your body to earthly pleasures! (that’s right I said it) Say yes to the chocolate AND the workout. Both make you feel good! Balance is key. Learn to hear what you truly desire and respect it. Mind and body work in tandem. Your body is doing its best to take care of you, so give it the right tools for the job. Take long baths, drink herbal teas, dance, laugh at silly things, and most importantly, don’t wait for the ‘perfect time’ to be who you want to be. 

This all takes time. It is a process. Especially if you’ve been out of practice for a while- the most powerful decision you can make is to be kind and patient with yourself. Practicing mindfulness, meditation, and reflective journaling can be hugely helpful when starting new habits. Check in with yourself in this way just like you would for a close friend or family member. Commit to you today.

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Do you feel guilt?

Ugh – guilt! That horrible feeling that likes to pop up when you are doing something for yourself! Does anyone else feel it? Or is it just me?! The moment I put my hand in my pocket to buy something just for me, I get a huge pang of guilt! Shouldn’t I be spending that money elsewhere? There’s always something in the house that could do with fixing or replacing and don’t get me started on the constant bills for dance lessons and requests from my nearly-teenage daughter to fund her growing shopping habit!

But then I check myself. I work incredibly hard for my money, working 3 separate jobs to make sure my girls never go without, so if I want to spend some of my hard earned cash on myself then I bloody well will! I remind myself how important it is to spend time and money (where necessary) to look after myself and my physical and mental well-being. After all, if I’m not feeling 100% I certainly can’t give 100% to my kids and boyfriend. 

It is for this reason that I created ReBox. I want you to prioritse putting yourself first and looking after your own physical and mental well-being. I want to send you a box every month packed full of products to encourage you to take time for yourself. Whether that’s a long walk or a long bath, a moment of mindfulness or enjoying a delicious treat. ReBox is here to remind you, you’re important.

When you join ReBox, every month you’ll receive:

✨ Specially selected luxury self-care products

✨ Your box will include 5+ luxury items such as bath products, skincare, yummy treats, delicious drinks, stationery, home fragrance and lifestyle products.

✨ Exclusive offers from our partners and discounts on future products you’ve seen in our boxes

✨ Monthly tips on how to make sure you carve out time for yourself in your busy schedule

Get your first box for just £15 when you click here.

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